The Gantt Report: MLK Day and Black History Month Plans

By Lucius Gantt – Every year around this time, I write about how churches, schools, and community organizations celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthdate and Black History Month.

       The 2024 observances will mirror celebrations of past years. Speeches will be delivered by preachers, ministers, Imams, business owners, scholars, and media professionals who give the same speeches they always give, take their fees and payments, and quickly go from one state, or one venue, and go on to the next.

       No disrespect to Sharpton, King III, Claude, Umar, Tavis, assorted elected officials, and others who are asked to deliver “important messages”.

       Black holiday celebration organizers who accept contributions, sell advertising to businesses; and get approvals from a variety of so-called Black community sympathizers are careful not to invite Blacks to participate that have differing community messengers than the celebration benefactors.

       The highlights of most celebrations will include holding hands with closet klansmen and singing “We Shall Overcome”!

       But, at some point, the masses of exploited, oppressed, and victimized Black Americans would appreciate messages that will outline how our people CAN overcome.

        I’m not the most exciting speaker but I do know Black people all over the world have similar problems and living conditions. We don’t own land, we can’t access desired capital, and we can’t realize Black power and Black respect.

        I would love to sit down with Black speakers who get paid significant amounts of money at any celebration, perhaps on a forum or panel discussion, and let the people decide what Black men and women have information that will help our race and our communities progress.

        Throughout history, Black philosophers, with provocative messages and ideas that differ from the thoughts and views of Black Americans designated by white media companies, explain our situations in the verbiage and language of the non-Black people who minimize us and suppress us,

        Recently, a few outspoken Blacks have said that African progress is connected to African American progress. It is more than words that are needed to unite all of us with African ancestry.

        Westernized morals, values, plots, and schemes will never be acceptable to Black people who know the history of what non-Black tricks, traps, and false promises have done to trick our people out of all valuable minerals, resources, and African wealth.

         For us to truly unite and progress, simply speaking, we need money and land wherever we are, here, there, and everywhere.

         First, to progress, we don’t need the endorsement of every single Black man and woman in the world. Jesus only had 12 disciples, Castro and Che started a Cuban revolution with only seven people,

          We can do much more than you may think. If we could identify 10 good and qualified Black men and women with money. Not money to give me, or to give to you.

          And unlike MLK and Black History speakers, you don’t have to give me, you, or some other person one cent. All money would stay in your bank in your name.

          To me, that’s a plan.

           MLK had a dream. I have a real plan for Black progress. Don’t take my word for it. Sit me beside the speakers you love to hear and the ones that are worth the money you gladly pay for information and knowledge and judge for yourself who makes sense and who is fooling who!

           I won’t charge you anything to tell you the truth about how we can do much better. Just pay any expenses.

         Enjoy your holiday marches, speeches, and sermons, and the holding of hands with Becky and Bubba!

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