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By Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report stands with the people of France and good thinking people around the world protesting the brutal murders of French journalists that were killed in a recent terrorist attacks on their media offices in the European nation.

More than a million people joined over 40 presidents and prime ministers on the streets of Paris earlier this month in the most striking show of solidarity in the West against the threat of Islamic extremism since the Sept. 11 attacks.

No true freedom fighter will murder innocent women, children and others in the name of religion. So called religious leaders that encourage the killings of innocents must be discredited and opposed!

Now, the French employees killed while working at a magazine office are not the only journalists that fear death and destruction.

At least two or three times a year, I get death threats from people that hate the messages written in The Gantt Report.

A few years ago, North Florida law enforcers looked into threats made against my person. The discovered that North Florida Klansmen and Nazi sympathizers had discussed doing things to silence me.

No one ever confronted me but calls were made to my Caucasian clients and friends and suggestions were made that I should be terminated literally and figuratively.

My clients were asked if they knew the contents of my editorial writing and my clients responded yes they did. In fact, they told the closet klansmen they have been reading The Gantt Report for more than two decades!

Anyway, telling, writing or broadcasting the truth is far more dangerous than you might think.

I’ve seen journalists get shot at, hit with bricks and bottles, bum rushed and ganged because of what they reported or wrote or were about to write.

Yes, good journalists are a rare and dying breed. No one that wants to get rich should seek a career in media.

Journalists never make much money. More often than not, journalists get paid with prestige! The get recognition. They get admiration.

But even the radio show hosts and TV show hosts you love don’t earn as much money as their supervisors, director, managers and producers. The people that sign the time sheets and write the pay checks will always make more money than the hired media help!

Reality TV shows are permeated with former media professionals, rap stars and movie stars that are now broke “has beens”.

Journalists all have a expiration date! You get a media job and stick around for a few years but when your salary and benefits get higher and higher, they thank you for the memories and hire another journalist that is younger and cheaper!

So, with a somewhat short career time, good journalists that tell you the truth about issues they cover should be honored and praised instead of being shot and killed!

Show your appreciation to the newspaper and magazine writers and broadcasters that you like. Every now and then tell them you enjoy their writings and broadcasts.

There are fake religious leaders sending out hit men to kill the people’s reporters. There are governments spending money to silence outspoken journalist and there are beast bankers trying to squeeze the life blood out of Black media companies that hire Black media professionals.

Don’t ever be scared to stand up, to speak out or to write about the world in a truthful manner but always watch your back and protect yourself at all times! (Order Gantt Report books and contact Lucius at

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