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By Lucius Gantt – God is a Black woman. I don’t know that as a spiritual fact, but in my mind, Black women are at least the closest thing to the creator.

I say God is a Black woman because the Black woman was the very first woman on planet Earth and all other earthlings, regardless of race, creed, or color can trace their lineage to an African woman.

People always say, “God is love”. They even sing to their kids, “Jesus loves the little children”.

Well, if you don’t know, no one loves you like your mother. No matter what children do as a toddler, a child, a teenager, or an adult, all of us will always be “Mama’s babies”.

Black women have one ability that no woman of any ethnic group or race can do, only Black women are the only women in the world who can give birth to babies of all skin tones.

White women and white men can’t make Black babies, and Asian men and Asian women can’t make Black babies.

Black women, and other women, can give you the greatest gift that you can get, the gift of life! If you were not born in an immaculate conception, you were created in your mother’s womb.

There are only a few occasions when people will desire to combat you about your religious beliefs, your political beliefs, and your philosophical beliefs.

However, if you cross the line and say something about someone’s mother, fists will fly automatically because your mother will always fight for you!

 If you do something stupid, break the law, or get falsely arrested, and end up in the “lock-up”, it will be Mama and Grandmama that will do anything to get you out of jail.

Mama can be criticized for letting you run wild in your community or criticized for allowing you to disrespect the laws and the law enforcers, but her mistakes come from her love and her desire for you to be unchained and free.

The worst thing Mama can do is put the family house up for collateral to pay your jail bond or to take out a loan to pay a corrupt attorney who will do nothing to help Mama or her son.

Too many of us don’t call Mama enough or visit Mama but those who lose contact or neglect to check on Mama are the ones who cry crocodile tears with fake screams at Mama’s homegoing services and ask other mourners, “What did Mama leave me?”

My mother loved me. She didn’t read my books or Gantt Report columns, but she never told me to stop writing. One day I asked her why she was reluctant to read my books and she said she feared haters and racists would come after me and hurt or kill me because of what I wrote.

Some say I inherited my so-called sharp tongue from my mother, but I think whatever love I have for myself, my family, and my community, I got it from Mama Black, the name my activist friends gave her.

When your mother disapproves of the woman or man you choose to date or marry, respect your mother’s concerns. She has a reason to suspect who you relate to. Mama wants you to be happy.

If you want to put a woman on a pedestal, put your mother on it. Whatever you give to someone, your mother deserves more!

God, on earth, is a Black woman!

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