The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt   –  The wicked and deceitful Florida Governor and candidate for President of the United States, has spoken against you, your family, your ancestors, and your community with a lying tongue!

     In an effort to convince nationalist, supremacist, right-wing, and ultra-conservative white voters that he is the most racist and disrespectful presidential candidate in the 2024 race for the Presidency, Ron “The Degenerate” DeSantis suggested that middle school students in Florida should be taught that Black slaves in America benefited from their enslavement.

     Black people didn’t come to America on a Carnival Cruise ship seeking to find a high-paying job in a cotton field, Black Africans were kidnapped from their homelands and crammed into slave ships.

      Upon arrival in America, Black men and women were sold, enslaved, whipped, beaten, starved, separated from their families, hung, shot, and murdered!

      No, the DeSantis slavery comments were not a slip of the tongue. His wrongful and racist comments were calculated and uttered on purpose. DeSantis knew full well that his words were untrue and were words that would be acceptable to America’s most vile, animalistic, and hate-filled voters.

      If you don’t know, Ron DeSantis studied history at a so-called Ivy League university. He was a history major and his classmates at Yale should be embarrassed and ashamed of him.

      DeSantis knows that many different cultures, ethnicities, and racial groups have experienced slavery at some time in world history. If he reads the Bible, he should know that Hebrew slaves were prominent in Christian literature.

       So, why did DeSantis desire to slant and misrepresent the history and feelings of Black men and women that were forced to work for free for American slave owners?

        DeSantis feels he needs to show American voters that he is more insensitive, more divisive, more distasteful, and more repugnant than every other announced candidate in the 2024 presidential race.

        The DeSantis declarations about the historical “benefits” of enslaving Blacks don’t seem to be working for him. So far, he is spending more money than any Presidential candidate, Democratic or Republican, but his poll numbers are dropping like he’s not hot!

       DeSantis is not only losing ground because of his disdain for Blacks, but he is showing his unacceptability to many other voters.

       DeSantis has made disparaging comments about Americans that are LBGTQ, he has constantly opposed women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions and he even dislikes immigrants of all colors and creeds that came to American shores and borders seeking asylum. DeSantis hates students that want to study the true facts about American history.

      It seems like DeSantis has an endless number of bad things to say about a wide variety of American citizens and voters.

      His dream of being victorious in the 2024 presidential election, in my mind, is dead in the election water.

      But we must be careful. Floridians must also crush any attempt he has to run for reelection in the Sunshine State.

      DeSantis does too many devilish things. DeSantis is a political rat that will never get any support from the world’s most famous rodent, Mickey Mouse!

       Don’t vote for Ron DeSantis or any candidate like DeSantis on any level in any state.

      Only show voter love for candidates that love you.

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