The Floyd Case May Change The Worldview of America

Reginald Blount

By Reggie Blount –  The George Floyd case is not just a case against officer Derek Chauvin, it’s a case that could redefine how America is viewed across the globe.  On May 25, 2020, Officer Derek Chauvin was recorded with his knee in the neck of a hand cuffed, face down George Floyd for over 9 minutes, while two other officers assisted in the restraint and one stood watch.  Several bystanders including medical professionals where pleading with the officer to allow Floyd to breath.  The incident sent shock waves throughout the world.  Paramedics arriving on the scene attempted to feel for a pulse in the unresponsive Floyd while Chauvin continued with his knee on Floyds neck.

America is not immune to police misconduct.  Since the Rodney King video taped beating in 1991, the camcorder, now the (Cell Phone) has been critical in showing questionable police tactics throughout the country.  There has been outcry from black communities for decades that this is normal behavior by police when dealing with minority suspects. But video recordings have somewhat leveled the playing field of evidence.  It would appear that police and their legal teams have adjusted to recorded evidence by demonizing the victim’s credibility with the common explanations that drug were in their system, giving them unusual super human strength, or the police feared for their life, thus causing further police aggression to control or kill the suspect.

The US Supreme courts 1985 decision that the perception by a police officer to use deadly force is squarely in the hands of that officer.  This has proven problematic in the use deadly force and has further complicated any reasonable means of justice for victims and their families by police actions.

An exoneration of Derek Chauvin could have worldwide implications as America may be viewed as a nation of unjust laws and rules of engagement stacked heavily against its citizens, especially people of color.  A guilty verdict may be justified for Floyds death, but will not erase what the world saw on that May 25th evening, as a defenseless George Floyd died in real time at the hands of law enforcement.


Reginald Blount is a former city council candidate, retired military veteran, public policy analyst for the newly formed National Frontline (Jacksonville), and Adjunct Professor.  He holds a master’s degree in public policy and is a graduate of the Naval Post Graduate School SSDCO program.

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