That’s So Raven. **Eyeroll**

Raven-Symoné drew sharp criticism for her recent comments on name discrimination on “The View”. This photo was taken at a performance of The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker in December 2010. (Angela George/Wikimedia Commons

by Grace Boateng
Special from the Houston Forward Times

We are gathered here today not to discuss the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March (which saw little to no coverage outside of social media), but to address Miss Raven-Symoné who has seen extensive media coverage concerning some remarks she made during the telecast of “The View.” Yes I said it. Why wasn’t the Million Man March covered as extensively as Ferguson or Michael Vick for that matter…(insert any news network here)? I’ll wait…it’s true that I’ve yet to hear any particular calls to action or pragmatic alternatives to the current “justice system.” But thousands of people gathering peacefully is absolutely newsworthy.

Do you remember adorable little Olivia Kendall from ‘The Cosby Show’…? You know… Denise’s stepdaughter who said funny things and wanted to eat ice cream all the time? Barely? Yeah, same here. For those of you who were focused on the Million Man March and perhaps missed this foolishness, I will recap what happened. In a segment called “Are you judged by your name?” the ladies of “The View” discussed said topic. Raven-Symoné took it upon herself to say, “I’m not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea. It’s just not going to happen. I’m not going to hire you.” At which point Whoopi Goldberg clasped her chest and turned to the audience in disappointment whilst a confusingly giddy Raven-Symoné cackled in the background.

To imply that it is in any way okay to discriminate against a person FOR ANY REASON is side-eye worthy. To giddily proclaim your support of discriminating against an individual because of their name is just not okay. There have been studies that prove that racist (ethni-cist) assumptions are made based on an individual’s name. WHY MUST YOU PERPETUATE THIS TERRIBLE PRACTICE RAVEN? You said it in jest…perhaps…but have you considered the individual who is already dealing with being discriminated against for that very reason…amongst others. A person’s name does not determine their ability to do anything. A person’s name should not keep them from receiving opportunities. USE YOUR PLATFORM WISELY.

Coming to terms with Cosby
I unexpectedly watched the ‘Dateline’ special where 29 of Bill Cosby’s accusers met to discuss their experiences of sexual assault at the hands of the household name. The accounts were harrowing to say the least and I will never look at the sitcom that was such a big part of my childhood the same…ever again. Considering that is the place where we first met young Raven-Symoné I would be remiss to not mention everything that is coming to light these days affiliated with ‘The Cosby Show.’ The legacy of the ‘Bill Cosby Show’, which was one of the earliest positive images of people of color (P.O.C.) that countered and challenged the widespread perception of P.O.C. Globally, has now been marred by Bill Cosby’s “alleged” behavior.

In Lighter News…
I’m a bit behind in my film reviews for the year but fret not, I’ll soon be back on track. I recently saw ‘Sicario.’ Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, and Benicio Del Toro. Need I say more? I don’t think I have to but I will say that this is my favorite film about the “War on Drugs” so far. While I’m not really sure if talking about the Mexican drug cartel is technically “lighter news”…this film is definitely a must see. I’m looking forward to the latest Steve Jobs film starring Michael Fassbender a.k.a. the man who can play anyone.

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