Texas Officer on Leave Resigns Over Shocking Pool Party Response

McKinney, TX – A police officer’s response to a neighborhood “disturbance” last weekend was so much more disturbing that he was given administrative leave.

The unnamed cop from the McKinney, Texas police department was one of several who answered complaints about a pool party. Witnesses say that a fight broke out among teenagers and adults, and the official call to police was for “multiple juveniles who did not live in the area or have permission to be there.”
Video footage shows the cop chasing down, yelling at, and pulling his weapon on the partygoers, some of whom were running, some of whom were pleading to understand what the problem was. “We just got here” two of the teens kept saying.

The most vitriolic reaction was towards the Black attendees.
At one point, the cop shoved a 14-year-old Black girl in the face, pulled her down to the ground by her hair and kneeled on her back, as he threatened to send her to jail. She was in a bikini (unlikely to have been concealing a weapon of her own), and was not resisting. She did, however, cry for her mother. And when fellow partygoers approached more closely, questioning his behavior towards her, he brandished his weapon.

The officer later calmed down and chastised members of the group for doing something “illegal.” The youth repeated again, “We just got here.” As of press time, he has resigned.

McKinney is a town not far from Dallas with just over 100,000 people. It reportedly has a Black population of about 10 percent.

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