STEM Camp Builds Skills to Compete Internationally

 Jashaiya Lee Daniels, age 9, has officially completed ID Tech WorldBuilder: Minecraft Game Design one week camp held at University of North Florida. “Her dedication to the project was outstanding. You were like an architect with your ability to plan everything out and them make it happen,” said instructor Dave Daniels. iD Tech is the #1 STEM educator and has produced over 350,000 iD alumni since 1999 and is located at 150 prestigious university location in the nation. At iD Tech, kids and teens of all skill levels discover coding, AI, machine learning, film, robotics, and game design, developing the in-demand skills needed to compete at top Florida companies like Universal, ADP, Lockheed Martin, and CareCloud. US News & World Report has ranked UNF in its top 20 public schools

Jashaiya attends Richard Lewis Brown Gifted and Talented Magnet Elementary School and has completed the 3rd grade with an overall ‘A’ average in language arts, science, math, social studies, conduct, art, music, physical Education. Jashaiya also studies piano and visual arts at LaVilla School of the Arts. She is also a member of St. Paul AME Church Girl Scout Cluster and has fulfilled the requirements to bridge from a Girl Scout Brownie to the Junior Girl Scout. She is the great granddaughter of Community Matriarch Sharon Coon. Shown is ID Tech summer camp student Jashaiya Lee Daniels with Instructor Dave Daniels.


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