School Support Personnel Lauded by School Board

bridgetfThe Duval County Public School System (DCPS) honored the Rising Stars last weekend in recognition of “Exemplary Service and Dedication.”

One hundred very special people among the 11,876 employees of the DCPS were among the honorees.  Bridget Nelson was among the talented tenth percentile to achieve the honor. For ten years, Nelson has worn many hats in the Duval County Public School System. Her duties have included assisting students, parents, teachers and staff with support, information and her main task as the data clerk for St. Clair-Evans Academy on the Northside.

The school-related employee of the year honors education support personnel nominated for their exemplary dedicated service and contribution to excellence in public schools and local communities in Jacksonville. “I enjoy what I do at St. Clair-Evans Academy. I wear many hats and enjoy personable relationships that I have with students and partners,” said Nelson. Shown is Nelson with St. Clair Academy Principal LaWanda Polydore.

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