Sbraga & Company Brings Philly Flare to Jax!

brisket and shrimp final
Egg, Grits and Beef Brisket and Shrimp Roll
black eyed peas final
Black Eyed Pea Fritters
sign final
Welcome to Sbraga & Company

Last year, I had the privilege of visiting Philadelphia; remember the “I Love Philly” column! While in Philly I visited the restaurant The Fat Ham. Well now in Jacksonville, the owners of The Fat Ham have arrived with a new restaurant “Sbraga & Company!” Walking up to Sbraga & Company restaurant at Unity Plaza, you immediately feel the rustic atmosphere and concierge servicing. The menu boasts light fare and dishes that can be shared with guests. There are two rooms for gatherings, i.e, meetings, family time or a “let’s get together to eat, drink and meet time”! According to the website, “Celebrated Chef Kevin Sbraga is filling his table with the bounty of the South: grilled meats and seafood, vegetable ceviches, house-made breads, and craveable cocktails.” Chef Kevin was recruited by NAI Hallmark Partners. Two of the company’s executives flew up to Philadelphia to meet Kevin, and invited him to come see what they were working on at 220 Riverside/Unity Plaza. Kevin came to Jacksonville, and everything clicked and the rest is history!! For appetizers, we sipped on the “Stormy Morning,” a “Mimosa,” and the Sweet Bread Board. Cranberry, Orange & Grapefruit juices are made fresh daily! For an appetizer delight the Black Eyed Pea Fritter was sampled. A tad spicy, ingredients consist if cucumber relish, cumin yogurt with black eye peas! Brunch menu we selected the Smoked Meat and Egg Brisket. The Brisket is heavily rubbed and smoked on Cherrywood for 10 hrs served with grits and over easy egg! Urban Traveler had to have scrambled eggs! Also on the brunch menu was the decadent Shrimp Roll w/ gem lettuce, sweet potato bun and dill! Surprise, Surprise on the dessert menu, Banana Pudding w/ vanilla wafers, peanut butter and buttermilk caramel, and the Lavender Panna Cotta with blackberry honey, basil ice cream and candy ginger, and the Chocolate Molasses Pie with pecan olive oil ice cream and buttermilk caramel..deliciousness was on the menu! Remember the hashtag: #sbragaandcompany.. Sbraga & Company is geared up to be one of the premier restaurants in Riverside. With an atmosphere that is family friendly, innovative cocktails and food that is light, fluffy and ingenious! Stay tuned for more from Sbraga & Company! Tell em Jax Free Press Urban Traveler sent ya!

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