Rush Limbaugh Under Fire for Calling Kamala Harris Obscenity On Air

By Terry Shropshire | August 18, 2020  – Longtime radio host Rush Limbaugh reportedly used a brazenly sexist obscenity to describe presumptive vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris and also referred to her as a “mattress.”

According to Newsweek and the New York Daily News, the man who was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by the current president called Harris a garden tool that begins with the letter “h” on air.

Limbaugh was referencing the NBA photographer who, as rolling out reported, was fired after retweeting a counterfeit Biden/Harris presidential ticket that rhymed with this message: “Joe and the H–.”

Limbaugh also touched upon the sensational San Francisco Chronicle article in 2019 where former San Fran Mayor Willie Brown admitted that he had an affair with Harris. Limbaugh said that “she slept her way up.”

“Some people read this story ‘mattress’ [and wonder] didn’t he mean ‘mistress,’ ” Limbaugh said, according to Newsweek. “No, I think they meant ‘mattress’ here.”

While Limbaugh trades in flagrant sexism, an investigation by the fact-checking website Snopes revealed that Brown was separated from his wife for a decade when Harris became involved with him.

Twitter is outraged that Limbaugh continues to make reprehensible references to Harris and other women without retribution.

For more on the original article visit link below:

Rush Limbaugh under fire for calling Kamala Harris obscenity on air


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