Ritz History Commemorated with Honorary Legacy Snapshots

Kailea Myrick (Lavilla Ritz Theater and Museum Operator) with Free Press Photographer David Wright

Freelance photographer David Wright presented a gratis museum photo collage to Kailea Myrick, Laville Ritz Theater and Museum Operator. Sharing his adornment for his camera work craft, David had approached the Ritz Theater to showcase their 25th anniversary with a special photo collage of the Ritz Museum history and legacy.  The Ritz staff allowed him access inside the theater and he also went at night to capture nighttime and sunrise photos of the theater.  With the final collage frame in hand, he presented the theater with the print that included the photo of Vice President Kamala Harris July 2023 Jacksonville press conference highlighting the castigation of Florida’s new education rules. Since 2015, David has been a staff photographer for the Jacksonville Free Press when he started as an intern. Today he works side by side with Free Press editor and publishers covering assignment in Duval’s African Diaspora. (Zandra Parker Photo)

For more info visit: www.ritzjacksonville.com

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