Reunited Hitmakers Tony! Toni! Tone! Bringing Magic, Culture and R&B to the Stage

Tony! Toni! Tone! Tim Riley, Raphael Saadiq and D'Wayne Wiggins. (Photo Credit: David “Odiwams” Wright)

By Lynn Jones -Turpin – Tony! Toni! Tone!, is doing it again here on the First Coast for their “Just You & Me Tour,” Saturday, October 21st in Duval County! Born and bred in Oakland, California, Bay Area group members, Raphael Saadiq, Tim Riley and D’Wayne Wiggins reminisced on their 30-year soulful musical roots career. The talented singers mused over their favorite aunties, attending church and witnessing Sly Stone and the Black Panthers make their historic marks on the world. “We bringing magic to the stage,” said member D’Wayne Wiggins. The matured gentlemen have always had their eye on protecting their community, uplifting their culture and enjoying the camaraderie of their family and professional success.  Holding it down on the tour bus, Tim stated, “Members of our families are musically inclined, my mother was a singer, also a drummer. I got the drumming from her,” he said. D’Wayne, smiling and relaxing in the shade, awaiting his breakfast, he and I agreed that sugar does not go on grits!

Understanding the dynamics of their success, the group is reuniting to bring fans musical chords of their top hits: “Little Walter,” “It Never Rains In Southern California,” “Feels Good,” “Whatever you Want,” “Let’s Get Down.” The groups hit, “It’s Feels Good,” was created out of having a good time in the studio. “When we write songs, we don’t just write hit songs. It [inspiration] came to us, and we kept saying it feels good.  You have to follow your passion in this business and have fun,” remarked D’Wayne. Their bio also lists the other member of this amazing trio – Raphael Saadiq – as a “multi-instrumentalist, musician, songwriter, and producer who has influenced the ever-shifting landscape of pop/R&B music.” Knowing that this is the musical industry truth, the group stands on their catalog of mega-iconic hits, as this is their first time the group has gone out together on tour in 25 years. The group’s massive hit, “It Feels Good, is a rhythmic integral gesture in the new movie “The Burial,” with leading actor Jamie Foxx.

You have to feel good when you talk to these brother/cousins. Their style and musical knowledge of R&B, hip-hop and today’s musical cultures shone through the call, showcasing their upbeat tenacity and dedication to continue honing their craft in front of their fans. We will be there! For tickets and more info, visit

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