Regina Taylor Discusses Her Black Album Mixtape and Playing Michelle Obama’s Mother

Regina Taylor is a Golden Globe Award-winning actress, director, and playwright. In an exclusive interview with the Chicago Defender, the two-time NAACP Image Award winner discussed her upcoming projects “The Black Album Mixtape” and playing Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, in Showtime’s forthcoming anthology, “First Lady.”

Regina Taylor Chicago DefenderAB: You have a couple of projects in the works. The first project I would like to discuss is “The Black Album Mixtape.” Can you give us some background information on “The Black Album Mixtape?”

Regina Taylor: “The Black Album Mixtape” came out of the events of 2020. Covid-19, the murder of George Floyd, and the political race that has divided this country. The disparities in this country are evident.  From health care inequalities to the legacy of voter suppression, I began building this platform as a place for people of all ages to share their work and perspectives.

AB: What do you hope to achieve with your platform?

Regina Taylor: The “Black Album” is a space for people to connect and let their voices be heard. So other people know that they are not alone. This past year has reshaped our lives. We need to speak about what we are witnessing and experiencing. If we are to move towards positivity, we must begin to shape that narrative that is our future.

AB: How can someone submit their work for the mixtape? And what type of submissions are accepted?

Regina Taylor: SMU sponsors our website. You can submit original content until May 3, 2021Submissions can be video, music, photos, designs, and interviews. And to recognize and celebrate the talent and work of collaborators. The Black Album will award eight people $500.00 during a virtual block party on May 11, 2021.

AB: Showtime has an upcoming series titled “First Lady.” And you are taking on the role of playing Michelle Obama’s mother. How do you feel about play Marian Robinson?

Regina Taylor Chicago DefenderRegina Taylor: It is awesome to play this brilliant and profound iconic woman. Marian Robinson embodies that familial spirit-that spirit of continuity, strength, and grace. I watch her in videos, read about her, and learn about her from others. I would love to meet her. So, I am putting it into the universe. I would say there is a higher level of pressure with this role. There is a feeling of responsibility in embodying a real-life person. I want to honor Ms. Robinson in the portrayal.

“First Lady” is executive produce and stars Oscar and Emmy-winning actress Viola Davis. Davis will star as Michelle Obama. Showtime‘s upcoming series will focus on the personal and political lives of the First Lady.

For more information to submit material for “The Black Album Mixtape,” click here.

Ali Bouldin is a freelance writer within the Black and Hip-Hop culture with featured articles in multiple publications. Follow his Instagram @Choose_Wisey2.

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