Raines Class of 2020 Dreams Will Not Be Deferred

Raines High School has a legacy that has been celebrated for more than forty years.  Although the circumstances may not be ideal, the current pandemic has created a social distancing atmosphere.  Duval County Public Schools students have been on hiatus since March 16th, with a tentative date of August 10th to return to the classroom.
In the midst of school closings due to Covid -19, Raines High School Class of 2020 was scheduled to graduate May 20th. More than 300 students were on track to matriculate and receive their diplomas and celebrate their success.  Senior Class President Kennedy A. Parks remarked, “We are grateful for the outpouring of love, strength and continued vigilant support as we come to the end our high school tenure. To every principal, teacher, guidance counselor, administrator, and staff member in the Duval County Public School system, who has taken a part in the enrichment of our studies and lives, we are immensely grateful,” said Kennedy. Raines senior’s families and friends continue to support and motivate student to stay focus on their dreams, goals and vision to accomplish Ichiban triumph.

Shown is the Raines Class of 2020.

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