Raines and Ribault Alumni Party All White with a Purpose

Shown (L-R) is Michelle Johnson, Sherelle McDaniels-Moore and Anglea Koon enjoying the all white party.
The recent Ribault and Raines ‘All White Day’ event was a collaboration to raise awareness and funds to support the city’s two historically black high schools. Ribault and Raines continue to nurture and educate the majority of African Americans who reside in North Jacksonville.  The inaugural event included a rivalry champagne toast for the schools to remind them to “unite their  collective energies, arise, stop dreaming and permit our purpose to shine,” said organizer Grady Foster. Guest also had the opportunity to mingle with political candidates, while organizers encouraged guests to head to the polls for early voting. “We not only have to vote, we have to become a movement for the next generation of leaders to make our communities a priority that’s the real champagne toast,” said Virgil Wright.

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