“R” Buffet Tour in Jax!

By Free Press staff writer Lynn Jones – The legendary American recording artist, songwriter, record producer R. Kelly will be performing this Thursday, May 26, at 8 p.m. at Veterans Memorial Stadium. As a fan of R. Kelly, it was an honor to speak with him over the phone earlier this week. Kelley has been a hit maker for over 30 years, his vocals, his music and his gift of writing songs for many of today’s artists speaks for itself.  To name a few of Kelly’s hits songs: I Believe I Can Fly (1998),  Chocolate Factory (2003), Bump n’ Grind, 12 Play (1993),  Chocolate Factory (2003), If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time (1998), Step in the Name of Love/ Chocolate Factory (2003) and many more!

Kelly may have faced many obstacles, and this is true for many individuals, yet Kelly never waivers from his talents and stays true to his mission of satisfying his fans! After years in the music business Kelly continues to be at the forefront of cutting edge music for the millennial.  When I heard his voice on the phone, I wanted to scream like a fan on the front row!  R. Kelley was pleasurable, courteous and expressed, “I’m bringing this Buffet Tour to Jax to give the people what they want. My fans like the drama, the bump ‘n’ grind and the music.” On his favorite song, “I’m a fan favorite of a song I wrote for Maxwell entitled, “Fortunate”. Kelly continued, “You pay one price for a buffet at a restaurant and you get to sample it all, Lets have some fun in Jacksonville.”  Kelly also discussed today’s record industry, his greatest accomplishments and being a star, “My advice to today’s upcoming artist is to not only shoot for the stars, be consistent and be a shooting star. It’s about being a legend, and not be a one hit wonder, be a star where people will listen to your music 20 years from now”.  When asked about when he takes vacation, Kelly responds “Vacation?  I don’t even know the meaning of the word..” Now take that!!  Time to come out the closet for R. Kelly’s Buffet Tour, this Thursday, May 26th ….. Tickets still on sale at www.ticketmaster.com.. Jax Free Press will see you there! Stay tuned for more

from R. Kelly.. #rkellybuffettour

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