Politicos and Nonprofits Continue Community Embrace

Volunteer Michael Hardemon and Alpha Starz Coordinator Gerrie Ford
Community organizations and city council members continue to give back to the community with resources to support youth and families in Duval County. A recent collaboration between local council members and  Alpha Starz presented over 1000 backpacks and school supplies in a “Drive-up backpack Day.”
Held at the Emmett Reed Community Center in the core of the city, cars lined up to keep their children prepared for virtual and in class studies. “Covid-19 has really been a detriment to students. Amidst all the news reports, we want to continue to keep our students armed with ammunition to learn and stay focused. Students really want to go to school and learn all they can to be our future leaders,” said organizer Gerri Ford. Shown are volunteers and sponsors.

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