Political Candidates Continue Journey for Voice to be Heard

This year’s election is heating up as candidates make their rounds to open forums to discuss their platforms.  This past Friday, Free Press Editor Lynn Jones and Promoter Anita Baker held a candidate forum for all candidates listed on the ballot. Ten candidates vying for seats in District 7, District 8, District 10, At-Large District 5, Sheriff and Mayoral candidates held court at the IBEW local on Liberty street.  Topics and questions included crime, gun law loopholes, working across party lines and supporting the black press.  The union hall was packed to capacity with voters of all ages and nationalities.  Candidates were eager to express their dissatisfaction with the current administration and vowed changes to the city’s infrastructure and ‘good old boy’ networks would soon dissipate. Voters voiced their concerns and networked with candidates for an up close and personal disclosures on their platforms to affect individuals’ vote and intention. Shown are candidates l-r: Nikki Brunson (City Council At Large Group 5),Tameka Gaines-Holley (District 8), Jimmy Hill (Mayoral Candidate), Albert Wilcox, Jr. (District 8), Tony Cummings (Sheriff), Connell Crooms (City Council Art Large Group 1) 



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