Plight of the Black Male Ignites Conference Agenda to Discuss Next Steps for 2020

Diallo Sekou presents a workshop to attendees.
The Black Male Blueprint Men’s Conference was held at B&Sun Gallery to focus Black males on preparing and improving their focus as black men in our communities. The five topics discussed included, culture and foundation, ownership and control, financial literacy, mental health and wellness and fatherhood. Participants were provided concrete skills for building communities that foster mentorship, healthy masculinity, and responsibility.  More than fifty men were in attendance to network and holistically empower an agenda for the New Year.
Attendees also discussed how Black Men have lost their way to a myriad of issues including violence, mental health, substance abuse, incarceration, health, and homophobia.
 “This was an empowering session. It is imperative that we take back control of our communities with generational wealth and create jobs that will sustain our future,” said presenter Diallo Sekou.  “Most of us have sons and we refuse to not have them become entrepreneurs to ensure that they are in control of their future.”

Shown ready to fight the power are black men advocates.

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