Pelosi Looking To Secure $1 Trillion Or More For American Families With Next Stimulus Package

Nancy Pelosi

House Democrats are said to have converged on a conference call on Monday where Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed a $1 Trillion Relief Package.

Money from the first coronavirus-spurred stimulus package has yet to hit American’s bank accounts, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already working on another government payout. According to Bloomberg, Pelosi told Democrats on a private phone call that the next stimulus bill will earmark at least another $1 trillion dollars, with the intended purpose of giving more relief to people and small businesses.

Bloomberg reports that the second stimulus package will also focus on replenishing funds for programs that were depleted with the first relief bill that was approved last month. Though the House is not expected to reconvene until later this month, Pelosi is hoping to have the new bill passed by the end of April.

During a White House press briefing on Monday, Trump said he was in favor of the idea of giving more direct payments to American households if it is needed (it is). He told reporters that it was “absolutely under serious consideration.”

News of a new stimulus package comes as African Americans are starting to see the devastating effects that the virus is having on Black communities. In addition to COVID-19 infecting and killing Black people at alarming rates, it has also left many Black people without adequate work or a way to bring in income. By last week, a record 6.6 million Americans had filed for unemployment benefits. African American unemployment during this time has soared from 5.8 percent to 19 percent, according to initial unemployment claims.

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