Omegas Celebrate 25 Years of Law Enforcement

To recreate a pivotal moment in history, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) retired and current law enforcement who are also members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, stood together on their crfest located EWC’s campus to support the fraternity’s 100 years of commitment to uplifting black people and black communities. The brothers also took the opportunity to celebrate frat brother Nathanial Glover’s success as sheriff and community change agent. Due to Covid restrictions, the brothers also stood in unison to recognize November, 17, 1911, their founder’s day as the first international fraternal organization founded on the campus of a historically black college.

The fellowship day recreation was the idea of JSO officer David Williams, “We took a similar photo twenty five years ago. And now 25 years later with more officers in the fraternity, we’re still standing on the heels of the national and local chapters and divine nine leadership,” said Williams. The 25 year old photo has Glover still standing in the same spot, ready for the challenges that brought eight years of leading JSO as the first black sheriff elected in Florida since Reconstruction. Glover’s legacy and leadership impacted two-thousand law enforcement officers on the first coast. Shown on Edward Waters Campus circling the Omega Psi Phi Plot l-r is Robert Bell, Arthur Webb (retired), Ronald Williams, Talmadge Ford, Joshua Newkirk, Edward Hall, Arthur Pratter, David Williams, Nathanial Glover, William Fisher, Ernest Wilford, Brian Rone, Kelvin Anderson, Henry Rivers, Michael Glover (retired), Christopher Blocker and Freddie Coleman. (Reburd image)

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