Old Navy Facing Racist Backlash for Featuring Interracial Couple

The controversial ad

Racist haters slammed Old Navy for releasing a photo featuring a mixed race family for a recent campaign. Some viewed the ad as white genocide.
“Oh, happy day! Our #ThankYouEvent is finally here,” Old Navy tweeted along with the ad showing a white man smiling and holding his Black wife around her waist with their son on his back.

“What’s this? A sick joke where the white guy doesn’t realize it’s not his kid?” one user tweeted. “A commercial for cuckoldry? #WhiteGenocide”
Another replied, “The white man owns the Black woman and is using her kid as a sweater. That’s what I heard.”
Despite the racist trolls, the Old Navy advertisement made another impact, with mixed race families flocking to Twitter to share their own personal photos, proving love has no color.

“I love @OldNavy new pictures,” one proud mother and wife wrote along with a family photo. “The racists can go to hell.”
Still more love poured in, with one Black mother tweeting, “#lovewins love has no color [in] my family,” with photos of her interracial family.
Others simply had fun with the hate-filled comments and responded with humor.

“‘White genocide’ over a simple picture…? & You say we’re mad sensitive,” one supporter tweeted with a funny meme of reality star New York from the VH1 dating show I Love New York.

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