Oh The Places We Can’t Go: The American Passport Is Now Said To Be Worthless

Photo Credit: Photo by AaronAmat via Getty Images

By DeAnna Taylor – While most of the world is beginning to open up and restart their tourism industry, the majority of them are welcoming everyone except Americans. According to a story by Indi Samarajiva for Medium, the American passport is pretty much worthless at the moment.

As our COVID cases continue to rise and even re-spike in many cities, nations across the globe are no longer taking their chances by allowing us in.

We are known to “do our own thing” when it comes to the rules for COVID, and countries are no longer willing to put their citizens in jeopardy for our selfishness.

Currently, Americans are only allowed into around 24 countries, many of which are Caribbean nations and islands. That number increases by five when you count the countries that allow us in only if we agree to a mandatory 14-day quarantine first.

There are 195 countries in the world, we are only allowed to enter 24. Let that sink in for a minute. As a nation who is known for having one of the strongest passports, we have instantly fallen down the list. According to Samarajiva, if we continue down this path our booklet will soon turn into a plague passport and we won’t be welcomed anywhere.


For more info visit: https://travelnoire.com/american-passport-said-worthless?utm_source=Travel+Noire&utm_campaign=6dda72e73d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_07_13_05_49&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4f544ad356-6dda72e73d-347802464

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