Deborah K. Thompson Celebrates 77th Birthday

Shown is honoree Deborah Thompson (in gray jumpsuit) with family and friends celebrating her big 77.

On the eve of Deborah’s 77th birthday, she hosted a gathering welcoming over thirteen guests in person, and an undisclosed number joining via Zoom to commemorate her life and the principles guiding her vitality. At 77, she continues to embody resilience, while maintaining a disciplined regimen of intentional physical exercise, one of seven habits she has cultivated over seven decades.

Born in Mobile, Alabama, Deborah overcame childhood obesity within a family of six by transforming her dietary habits and prioritizing internal wellness. Her current state, how she looks, feels, and behaves is a testament to this lifelong journey. With Tyrone Jackson capturing the event for her upcoming podcast and George Clawson capturing still images, Deborah showcased her secrets to family, friends, and clients, both in person and virtually. Her regimen emphasizes physical activity, hydration, and quality sleep. She advocates against eating directly before bedtime for optimal rest. Refreshments at the event consisted of nutritious snacks, veggie and fruits, alongside hydrating beverages and freshly prepared juices.

Among the attendees were her daughters Michelle from Atlanta and Sabella, a devoted yogi, as well as grandsons Triston and Pace. Notable guests included Congresswoman Corrine Brown, Diane King Flowers from National Association Black Women in Construction (NABWIC), neighbor Rich Vivitto, and cherished friends Khamil L. Ojoyo and Ted Nash, among others. Deborah was also featured on Wellness Wednesdays with Justine Connely. “Remember, listening to your body is key to holistic well-being,” said the Honoree.

For a visual glimpse of the event, including a portrait of Deborah in vibrant red attire and family photos, visit

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