Mother Shares Special Moment With Late Daughter Who Starred In National Delta Campaigns

Photo Credit: @iamnataliasmom| IG

Source: ( By Parker Diakite  May 5, 2021 – Whew, this one is a tear-jerker. Delta Air Lines has a series of campaign ads that shows what appears to be everyday people enjoying amenities during their flights. For one mother, it’s bigger than just a friendly reminder. Those ads are some of the last pictures taken of her daughter who died nearly a year ago.

Mother Shares Special Moment With Late Daughter Who Starred In National Delta Campaigns
Photo Credit: @iamnataliasmom| IG

On a flight from New York City to Florida, Egli Colón Stephens stopped in the sky bridge to spend a moment with her daughter. In a heartbreaking post on Instagram, Stephens wrote, “Mama E. thought her last post was a wrap, but baby girl @iamnataliaharris had different plans. Look who was ready to welcome us again, before boarding the plane to come back home, after our long getaway!”

Harris, a model who appeared in magazines and even on “Project Runway,” died on May 6, 2020, of renal medullary carcinoma. It’s a rare cancer of the kidney that impacts young adults mainly carrying the sickle cell trait. She was only 24 years old.

For Stephens, it was the first time on a plane since her daughter died on March 29.  She wasn’t expecting to see her face before boarding her Delta Air Lines flight.

“We just purchased our tickets and whatever we could get on sale. We were looking for the best price, not specifically Delta,” she told the Today Show. “To find the ad was hit or miss. It was not at every gate or terminal, but seeing it was breathtaking.”

Stephens shared the special moment with her Instagram followers.

“The crew was so kind to take a picture with us,” said Stephens. “I hope @delta never takes them down, it’s an opportunity to tell others how incredibly amazing my daughter was and is. {she’s present tense to me}.”


In 2019, one year before she passed away, Harris wrote on Instagram expressing her gratitude for the ad.

“Look who I finally saw in person…ME!!! What a blessing! […] Words cannot explain this feeling of gratitude, happiness, and sense of accomplishment every time I see the work that I do come to life and in print. This feeling will never get old. I am so grateful to be one of the faces for the @delta campaign.”

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