Miss Raines Living Her Best Life as an Entrepreneur and Scholar

Shown is Raines High School Senior Entrepreneur Jayla Kohn with her newly created products. Blue Franswa Photo

by Cynthia Meadows – In between studies and mentorships and representing the legacy of Raines High School as its reigning queen, Jayla Kohn recently celebrated her 18th birthday with her very own product launch party. Held on the Southside inside Loth Studios, family, friends, classmates and mentors witnessed the release of virgin hair bundles, custom beauty t-shirts, vegan products and the mental health nonprofit : My Reflections.

The high school senior, a campus beauty influencer, is the owner and founder of the Ve’Lux brand and holds the esteemed title of the 59th Miss William Marion Raines.  She is an active member of the marching band and proudly serves on the 2x superior rated Platinum Vikette. Additionally, she is a distinguished member of the National Honor Society and is dedicated to her studies and extracurricular activities.

In the pursuit of self-discovery, Jayla has encountered various obstacles that have tested her resilience and determination. These challenges have ranged from societal expectations and pressures to personal doubts and insecurities. However, Jayla has remained steadfast in her commitment to uncovering her authentic self and with this newfound understanding she has produced Ve’Lux Virgin Hair Company and her nonprofit My Reflections, which helps young women create mental health outlets through the art of dance.

The young entrepreneur hopes her business entities will provide a platform to empower young women like her to shine, excel and explore and embark on a path towards a future filled with hope and promise.

“At Ve’Lux we believe that every young woman deserves the opportunity to feel beautiful, confident, and empowered,” said Jayla. “Our range of virgin hair extensions is carefully sourced and meticulously crafted to ensure exceptional quality, allowing our customers to effortlessly express their individuality and enhance their natural beauty.”

When it comes to hairstyling options in the African American community, many young women are already testing the hairstyle pool with weaves, sew-ins and unprotected hairstyles. Perms, braids, uncoiled styles have damaged many young ladies health and self esteem. As a result, the young women become mentally unstable and unsure of their outer and inner beauty attributes. The African American hair industry is a billion dollar industry where African American women spend billions on hair care products. Ve’Lux Virgin Hair Company and My Reflections nonprofit is on target to becoming the catalyst for black women to be their authentic black magic self. To find out more about the products, visit www.theveluxcollection.

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