Miramar’s Great Debater

Simon Hankinson, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation; Briana Whatley and Clea Conner, CEO of Open to Debate.

 By Sylvester Robinson | https://thewestsidegazette.com| Ms. Briana Whatley, a junior from Miramar High School,  won the 2024 Incubate Debate National Championship, claiming first place and a $10,000 prize. The competition was held in Jacksonville, Florida  on April 5 – 6, 2024. Briana debated against 88 other  high caliber students from across the nation. Incubate National Championship is provided by Incubate partner Open to Debate, the nation’s only nonpartisan, debate-driven media organization dedicated to bringing multiple viewpoints together for a respectful exchange of ideas.

During the Incubate Debate Championship SSE exercise, participants physically indicated the strength of their beliefs by standing on set positions and moving from one to another as their viewpoints shifted. Congratulations are extended to Briana Whatley on her outstanding achievement! Winning the Incubate Debate National Championship is a remarkable feat, especially given the high level of competition and the complex topics debated.

Success is a testament to her hard work, critical thinking, and effective communication skills. The fact that she tackled pressing issues like China-Taiwan tensions, climate crisis, and college diversity programs shows her dedication to engaging with important social and political issues. The recognition and $10,000 award are well-deserved, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

The esteemed judging panel included Bill de Blasio, former New York City Mayor; Stephen Adoli, director of admissions at the University of Austin; Peter Boghossian, founder of the National Progress Alliance.

Simon Hankinson, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation; and Clea Conner, CEO of Open to Debate.

“This is our best tournament yet,” said James Fishback, president and founder of Incubate Debate. “These students and the rounds they delivered were a model of civil, unbiased and intellectually stimulating debate. I am incredibly proud of these exceptional young minds.”

This amazing achievement culminated in Briana presenting Miramar High Principal,  Winfred Porter, with the National Championship plaque recognizing Miramar High School as the home of the 2024 Incubate Debate National Champion.


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