Meet The Owners Of Camp Yoshi: A Black-Owned Camping And Culinary Experience

(Source: – With everything happening in the world from the global pandemic to racial injustice, sometimes you just need a break.

Rashad Frazier, along with his wife Shequeita and brother Ron, decided to create an experience for people of color and their allies, to get outdoors and find their peace.

Photo by @alexforestier_

Welcome to Camp Yoshi.

The unique experience focuses on reconnecting with nature, while getting a taste of co-founder Rashad’s culinary genius.

We sat down with the Camp Yoshi team to learn more about what people can expect.

Travel Noire: How was the idea for Camp Yoshi born?

Rashad: My brother Ron and I had been taking these trips we like to call “the trips to nowhere,” for the last 5 years. We’d always combine my passion for food and adventure with self-care. With the catering industry taking a hit, we decided to pivot into a camping experience that focuses on people of color getting outside and off-the-grid to find their peace.

Ron: We wanted a camping experience that was easy and accessible. You just show up and we handle the rest. Our first trip was in June/July of last year in Montana. Our mission was to simply get people outside.

Travel Noire: How would a Camp Yoshi experience be beneficial for Black men and women?

Ron: Between stress, COVID-19 and racial pandemics, WE NEED A BREAK!

Shequeita: Personally, I had no desire to ever go camping or be “off-the-grid” at first. Then I decided, I wanted to experience this reset and recharge that Ron and Rashad always seemed to have after their trips. Connecting with nature and being at peace, is something I want people who look like me to also experience.

Rashad: You will feel very safe at all times, too.

TN: How does Rashad’s culinary background come into play? 

Shequeita: Rashad really connects with people through food.

Rashad: On one of the trips we hiked up this trail and after, everyone was exhausted. We all just wanted some water and sleep. I whipped up a short-rib sandwich for the group and everyone was happy. The rest of the night was filled with humor and love.

Ron: As people we connect through food, music, fellowship and community. That’s what Camp Yoshi is all about.

ravel Noire: What’s next for Camp Yoshi?

Shequeita: Creating a guide for Black men to take back to their families and/or communities is what I would love to see happen. We want them to also find peace at home. We are always going to lead with our brothers and sisters first, because this is curated for the Black community. But we open our arms to our allies as well.

Rashad: We had over 70 campers in our first year, mostly Black women, which shocked me. We want to perfect the process we have built while discovering more camping locations in the U.S. We currently have over 55 campers on our waitlist.

Ron: We also want to start exploring family trips as well.

Photo by @alexforestier_

In the end, all we ask if that you bring your sleeping bag and show up, we will take care of the rest.

To learn more about the Camp Yoshi experience, visit the website:

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