Masons Virtues Program Develops Boys to Men

The Mason’s Prince Hall Day Celebration was commemorated this past weekend at their headquarters in downtown Jacksonville.

Prince Hall was the founder of Free and Accepted Masonry in the United States and its possessions.  The Order of the Knights of Pythagoras, a youth organization dedicated to “The fatherhood of God and the universal Brotherhood of Man,” youth trainees were recognized for their excellence and achievements as students in the Duval County Public School system.

The organization consists of young boys and young men from age seven (7) through age 20 and is sponsored by Prince Hall Masons. The Masons help to develop the young men into proud and productive citizens that the community will be proud of. The Knights of Pythagoras promotes family values and the nine cardinal virtues of the order which are adoration and reverence for God, love of parents, righteous thinking, purity, patriotism, tolerance, courtesy, friendship and constancy.  In addition, the organization provides educational assistance to students in need of tutoring for math, reading and science. All prospective members must submit an application to be accepted in the program. Application criteria include volunteer servicing, church affiliates, academic achievements and future goals. Shown accepting program recognition l-r is Sir Knight Russell Davis, Knight Breeland Williams, Knight Bryan Williams, Knight Jarbarius Watkins, Knight Kenneth Wright, Grand Master Walter Gulley, Jr., Knight Shawn Shipman, Knight Brandon Williams.

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