Man Offers Kids Cash to Take Their Toy Guns Indoors


The death of Tamir Rice showed us that it’s not even safe to play outside with toy guns if you’re a young Black kid, and an unnamed man in an unidentified neighborhood somewhere in America has taken that lesson to heart.

A video of the man offering Black kids cash to take their toy guns indoors has gone viral for it’s heartbreaking commentary on the times we live in. “The reason I’m giving you a couple of dollars is I don’t want you walking around with those guns,” he tells the kids. “You see them guns right there? That can get you caught up. Don’t nobody know about you, the police see you, he’ll try to take them guns from you while he tires to shoot you. So let me give you a couple of dollars to get off these streets.”

“Do me a favor, take them in the house,” the man in the video continued. “Because, you know what? You’ll be watching the TV and a handsome young brother like you can be shot for no reason at all. So please take them in the house.”

As the man walks away he adds, “I can’t believe those boys are out here with those guns.”

Truly sad. Watch the full, unsourced video above.

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