Local Thespians Dig Deep in the Cultural Heritage of Wilsons and Lovell’s Masterpieces

Pictured l-r, are the featured ensemble artist: Noble Lee Lester, Seth Langner, Ebony Payne, Antoinette Johnson and David Girard. Karmathartic Studios Photo

The Deep Resonance, a live performance at the Cummer Museum, combined August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean in dialogue with the Museum’s current exhibition Whitfield Lovell: Deep River. The exhibit is a voyage into the collective memory of the African American experience through the work of the two award-winning artists. The performance of “Gem of the Ocean” unfolds within the multimedia installation of Deep River, delving into the themes of ancestry, the middle passage, and the quest for freedom. Attendees were able to bear witness to the struggles and insights of Wilson’s characters – like Aunt Esther, a 285-year old Pittsburg matriarch – as they speak amongst Lovell’s powerful portraits and found objects. The sold out performance was onceived and staged by Barbara Colaciello of Improv to the Rescue.

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