Junior Achievement Offers Free Online Financial Training Course for Youth

Junior Achievement of North Florida has a new free resource for students, parents and teachers and a way for volunteers to help out as people remain at home and socially distant due to the threat of COVID-19. As schools remain closed and move to online classrooms,  online programs allow students to continue learning on their own, with a parent or other adult or with teachers through a digital/virtual environment. The resources are posted at JA.org/Tomorrows and offer programs and activities for students in elementary, middle and high school.

  “There will be a tomorrow. We are dedicated to helping our children plan for the future and focus on their dreams by providing teachers and parents with free online resources,” said Steve St. Amand, president of JA of North Florida.  Teachers, parents and students can go to JA.org/Tomorrows and click on learn more. You will then be taken to a page where you can choose between elementary, middle or high school resources. Topics will include programs and videos that will help parents speak and teach their kids about money-management issues. You can also learn about the economic climate and decision-making skills.  Programs for middle school students include the JA Searching for Savings which helps students learn how to save money and the JA Assembling Your Career which teaches students about STEM careers and how they can start preparing now for their future. High school students can also take part in the JA Economic Investigations designed to help them achieve a deeper understanding of current economic issues or the JA Travel and Tourism which introduces students to exciting career opportunities in the travel and tourism industry.

“We also have a way for JA volunteers to continue working with us in our efforts to teach financial literacy, work-readiness and entrepreneurship to the youth by becoming a virtual volunteer,” said Teresa Smith, vice president of programs for JA of North Florida. “We encourage you to record and share a video with us through April 30 that we can share with our students through our online and blended-learning programs.”  To become a JA virtual volunteer, you should record yourself for two to three minutes in landscape mode in your home office or workspace. Start with, “Hello, Team Duval. My name is ______ and I work for ______.” Then describe what you do for a living and answers these questions:What most influenced you to choose that career? If there’s one piece of advice you could give to a young person about achieving their dreams, what would it be?  Once the video is complete, you can send it to Teresa Smith at teresa@janfl.org. You can also upload it to Instagram and tag JA of North Florida at @janorthflorida or on Twitter to @JANorthFlorida. Please use the hashtag #InspiringTomorrows. More information can be found at JA.org/Tomorrows or contact Smith by email or phone at (904) 398-9944, ext. 227.  Once schools reopen, JA programs will continue in the classroom as well and volunteers will be needed to teach financial literacy, work-readiness and entrepreneurship.

Volunteers can register at janfl.org. Each volunteer will be given training before the class which will include tips on classroom management, how to deliver the curriculum and how to communicate with teachers and students.

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