Jazz Lovers Find a Home at the Ritz

This past weekend, the Jacksonville Jazz Society sponsored their first Jazz Discovery Series at the Ritz Theatre and Museum. The series also kicked off the “Jazz Appreciation” awards which were presented to the Ritz Theater museum directors and staff.

The featured artist was CC Sunchild, a composer, vocalist, and pianist whose musical range encompasses everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to  Tchiakovsky.

The primary focus of the JJS is to build and/or rebuild relationships within the jazz community. By partnering with the Ritz Theatre, the Jazz Discovery awards were the first step towards a long term partnership and an extended hand to the Jacksonville jazz community.

The Ritz Jazz Society of Jacksonville was created in 2011 by the Ritz Theatre and is composed of professionals and nonprofessionals who profess a love for jazz and dedicated to keeping jazz alive in Jacksonville. The group supports the future of jazz through education of future jazz enthusiasts. JJS raises money for scholarships to award to deserving students pursuing a degree in jazz music.  The Jacksonville Jazz Society meets at the Ritz Theatre on the second Saturday of every month at 12 p.m. and welcomes all to come and participate. For more on JJS visit www.jacksonvillejazzsociety.org.

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