Jax Native Writes Books Inspiring Children & Adults

Jacksonville native, Joyce G. Moore announces the release of three new children’s books. These three books incorporate stories that feature some of the social issues that children are dealing with within their schools and communities.

Each of these books are designed to inspire children and adults – to continue to reach solutions –  in an effort to  help minimize and/or eliminate the issues of teasing, bullying, exclusions and other issues that are plaguing today’s youth. At the end of each story there is a list of fundamental questions that should inspire a meaningful conversation about a variety of issues and possible solutions.  It is essential that parents allow and encourage their children to express their feelings and concerns.

More programs are being organized and becoming available that focus on prevention, healing and management of the challenges of day-to-day living. More parent education assistance is needed and less denial regarding the existence of the many hurtful behaviors that exist in the urban core communities. Parents must make it a priority to help children to stay in school.

Book number one: “The Beast in the Closet” features a story about this friendly “beast like creature”, who magically appears to help two eight year old boys to learn how to handle being teased and excluded at school.  Carlton and Mike are able to overcome the issues that tend to make them feel insecure. The Beast is a wise and helpful creature who offers Carlton a needed solution with his stuttering and Mike with his shyness. This is a story with no violence; only meaningful and helpful solutions.

Book number two: “Sparkalena to the Rescue” is a delightful story about two eleven year old friends – Tonya and Alyce – who are being teased and called unkind names at school. This beautiful ‘doll like creature’ magically appears to help these friends to make some needed changes, in an effort for them to begin feeling better about themselves. The programs that “Sparkalena” put in place lead to solutions to the various issues and helped the girls to make transformations, so that each girl would feel more secure and receive a boost to their self-esteem.

Book number three: “Bully 2872 Discovers the Magical Land of Helix” is a most fascinating story. Everyone who enters this ‘magical land’ enters through a “Helix Cave” and is met by this “Helix Guide”. The guide takes Bully 2872 on a guided tour of seven smaller lands, within the gigantic “Magical Land of Helix”. During his brief visit this bully learns many valuable “Life Lessons”. The lessons reinforce appreciation for family, having respect for self and others, appreciating the value of a good education, selecting the right friends, discovering innate talents, and so many other valuable bits of essential information. This story introduces how it is possible for misguided behavior to be transformed.

Each of these Children’s Books are available under their respective titles, on the following sites: www.amazon.com / www.lifeis.net

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