Jacksonville Activist Come Together for #SandraBland

Shown are event organizers Chevara Orrin, Theresa Daniels, Taryn Wharwood, Hope McMath, Melissa Adams, Yolanda Copeland, Keri Kidder and Joy Leverette.

On Sunday, a daytime vigil was held in Hemming Park for Sandra Bland. Bland, is an African American woman arrested in Texas, on July 13, 2015 during a routine traffic stop, which quickly escalated into her arrest and alleged suicide days later. A video of the stop went viral, which has caused many to question the officer and his treatment of Bland. Currently The Texas Rangers and the FBI are both reviewing the case, while the officer Brian Encinia is on desk duty. Over 100 people attended the Hemming Park rally in support of the #sayhername campaign.

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