Jackson State Takes Victory at Orange Blossom Classic

(Source: www.theculture.xyz) – Deion Sanders’ Jackson State and Florida A&M Team kicked off the 2021 Orange Blossom Classic on Sunday.

The Orange Blossom Classic was founded in 1933 by the son of Florida A&M University’s president, J.R.E. Lee Jr. Black people were allowed to sit in the main stands of the historic Orange Bowl Stadium for the first time during the event. It’s well known for being the Black National Championship.

“It’s so much tradition. And we’re elated when my AD told us upon hiring me, you know, we’re going to play in the Orange Blossom Classic,” Former NFL Player and Jackson State Head Coach Deion Sanders said. “First he had to explain it to me what that was, and the magnitude and the multitude of that.”

The Black National Football Championship was a four-day event with multiple festivities that The Culture attended. The players’ dinner took place on Thursday. Chairman’s Luncheon on Friday. Saturday started off with a parade and ended with the Welcome to the 305 Concert. And, of course, Sunday was the big football match-up.

Left: Founder of The Culture

Overall, Jackson State sealed the victory over FAMU. The game was off to a rainy start, but FAMU managed to score in the first quarter. However, Jackson State’s defense understood the assignment, held them to two field goals, and secured a touchdown by Deion Sanders’ son in the second half. Fortunately, the Tigers held onto a 7-6 lead with 2:59 left to play, and the Rattlers faced fourth down and fell short of six yards.

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