It’s a Family Affair Unity and Health Fest

The Miciah Deleston Foundation and Daughter to Daughter group held the “It’s a Family Affair Unity and Health Fest,” Saturday, June 6 at A. Philip Randolph Park.  From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. former NFL players, dancers and singers stopped by to assist with bagging groceries for needy families.  On the premises were non-profit groups and small business owners providing health and HIV screenings and workshops on the topics: How to start a business, Home Ownership, Civil Rights Restoration and Xtreme Fitness Eliptical Workout. Free food was distributed by Farm Share.  The park was packed with people of all age groups interested in gaining insight into a healthier mind, body and soul.  Pictured bagging groceries is Ka’Miya Clayton, Jana Harrington and Vicki Preston. For more on the The Miciah Deleston Foundation call 888-271-1170.

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