Hundreds Celebrate Black Nationalist Founder Garvey at American Beach

The 3rd Annual Marcus Garvey weekend, hosted by Masjid Al-Salaam was held in two locations last weekend in Jacksonville and American Beach. On Saturday, an all-day cookout brought the community together on Jackson Street in Riverside for the opening remarks. Historic  American Beach was the backdrop on Sunday afternoon where participants had the opportunity to apply economic ideas of Marcus Garvey’s vision for the African American community. Mini workshops featured a diverse panel of Pan-Africanist in addition to information on the vast resources available in urban centers nationwide.

The keynote speaker for the occasion was Professor Griff, former member of the group Public Enemy whose affiliation with Jacksonville is through several outlets. Griff is an author and motivational speaker. He was promoting his new book: Psychological Covert War On Hip-Hop. Over 200 were in attendance to enjoy a DJ and live entertainment. Other featured speakers included Vernon Jackson, Jamal Emir of Savannah, Ga, and singer- Erica Jones. Shown is Brother James Muhammad and author Professor Griff. R. Silver Photo

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