Fishers of Men Empowering Dads for Fathers Day

Pictured is Fisher of Men Founder Alvin W. King, Chris Simmons, Shawn Drake, Grayson Marshall and Anthony M. Butler, Sr.

The Fishers of Men organization celebrated fathers and father figures on Saturday, June 13th at Hemming Park in downtown Jacksonville. This year over 30 men celebrated fathers by marching from Hemming Park to the corporate office of the E3 Business Group.

Fathers enjoyed motivational speaking and concluded the event by citing a Fatherhood Pledge.

“We desire to applaud the positive things that the men in our communities are doing every day. Fishers of Men organization is dedicated to engage, educate, and empower men and boys from all walks of life.We teach strategies on how to be balanced mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually, then go out and do the same for other boys and men in our community and the nation. ” said Alvin W. King, Founder, Fishers of Men.

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