Eugene Butler Students Participate in Junior Cotillion

Pictured is Beautillion and Cotillion couple Jarod Mills and Yehoedan Brown

The Potter’s House International Ministries recently hosted The Leadership Schools at Eugene J. Butler for their inaugural Leadership Gala.

The youth oriented event consisted of a Cotillion and a Beautillion for the school’s students. Forty-eight debutantes dressed in traditional white ballgowns graced the dance floor and entertained the audience in an elegant graceful dance. The 8th grade students and their parents attended a family engagement night where they received free ballroom gowns courtesy of United Way.

The debutante’s of the Young Women’s Leadership Academy were escorted by the 8th grade students of the Young Men’s Leadership Academy, which included twenty-four beaus who participated in the Beautillion.

The beaus were adorned in black tuxedos courtesy of Michaels Formal Wear. The young men entertained the audience with a sharp militant dance choreographed to John Williams Olympic Fanfare by Keezia Rolle, Artistic Director of Jacksonville Center of the Arts. The event was the vision of Principal Tamara Williams who said she visualized the event a year in advance. Principal Williams says “she wanted to give her students an experience they would always remember”. The young men and young ladies participated in a series of refinement classes that led to the gala. The classes included Social/Media Etiquette, Public Speaking, and Learning to Become a Man. The students ended the evening with the finale dance, the Grande Waltz.




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