Entrepreneurs on Display at Selfie Fest

Shown is event emcee Char Allen and Selfie Showroom entrepreneur Carissa Glanton.

Arriving in Jacksonville in 2006, freelance photography Carissa Glanton has taken photos of many people, places and things around the world. Honing her craft on a grass roots level, Brown opened The Selfie Showroom to engage and assist customers and clients with their social media and photography exposures.

To highlight businesses in the community, the second annual Duval Selfie-Fest, organized by the entrepreneur was held on Basset Street on the property of Idea School with hundreds of patrons perusing vendor wares. In this age of social media influencers, the event was captured on video and a tour of the selfie museum located on Lem Turner Road to attract the curious and engage those present.

The Selfie Showroom is an interactive selfie museum that accommodates for all levels of photo and video capturing starting with the cell phone. The 2400 sq ft venue is filled with 20 creative scenes for all your selfie adventures. “Helping other entrepreneurs showcase their products and networking is my way of catching a glimpse on what’s happening in Duval,” Glanton said.


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