Disney Springs District Showcases Foodie Delicacies and Eclectic Shopping/Entertainment Experience

Motown Meets Jacksonville, Florida Family inside Chef Arts Homecomin Kitchen

Do not believe the hype – Disney World is still on the front line making magical memories for their guests. One of Disney World’s main shopping attractions is Disney Springs. Free to enter, Disney Springs is a shopping area filled with options for restaurants, bars, entertainment, shopping and more! Sitting right off a small lake, Disney Springs boasts hundreds of shops for guests to peruse the latest Disney apparel, House of Blues entertainment, brunches, sightings of iconic celebrity guests, with an AMC movie theater to take a break to view “The Little Mermaid.”

Recently The Jax Urban Traveler was a guest of Food Network Chopped Champion Chef Arts Homecoming restaurant for some country vittles and moonshine! Chef Art’s restaurant website informs guest that they are a ‘kitchen and shine bar serving farm-to-fork comfort food and craft cocktails – a down-home Southern-Floridian restaurant & bar by celebrity chef Art Smith.’ Walking in to Chef Arts you immediately catch a whiff of the house friend chicken and guests clamoring for the specialty made dishes.  The ‘your mommas macaroni and cheese’ was cheesy, gooey and the top of the dish was melted with cheese wrapped around the bowl..wow..  Next up was the famous fried chicken, yes, yes, yes, the crust was just right; the meat was fluffy, with a luscious and silky outer coating. The ‘braised kale and collards” mixture was perfecto with the Jasper charcuterie board, “An array of Southern charcuterie. Shaved honey ham, smoked sausage, country ham, pimento cheese, chicken salad, tomato-bacon jam, B&B pickles, candied pecans, crostini and our house made crackers.” Whew the kale/collards had our mouths watering, as we held our pinky fingers up to inform patrons that we had arrived. The carefully selected Merlot, Long Island and house specialty cocktail: The Tropical Itch (Tropical Itch- Woodford Britton Barrel Select Bourbon, Plantation OFTD Rum, Cointreau, passionfruit, pineapple and lemon juices garnished with your very own bamboo back scratcher), were concocted to perfection.

It was a Mother’s day weekend with family sharing stories of love, life and enjoying leisure activities as we headed over to Splitsville Luxury Lanes bowling complex. Splitsville Luxury Lanes is ‘where they are redoing the game of bowling” is a two level bowling facility of fun with 30 lanes and a full bar. Speaking of bars, another whiskey sour, long island and merlot headed up the before we bowl menu (smile). We ordered the ‘Fries smothered with queso blanco, bacon, ranch, scallions and love.’ and the sushi, (yes we can attest to the word on the Disney Springs streets it’s the best sushi south of Highway 95 and I-4). The tally is in and we all agreed that a bowling venue with top notch drinks, best sushi ever and digital bowling was a funner than fun experience! Hey, but the surprise from the waiter was a dozen of donuts from Evelgazed donuts.  Donuts topped with chocolate, sprinkles and bacon – this is wower than wow – couldn’t eat just one! Ok we’re full now, back to reality, time to drive to our lodging accommodations.  Oh and we have the doughnuts and homecoming box leftovers for the nights munchies (smile) to prove we were there!

Have to reiterate do not believe the news hype, Disney World is here to stay and bringing its own Disney Springs Mall showcase to the Mickey Mouse table!

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