Davis-Turpin Nuptials

Davis-Turpin Nuptials
Davis-Turpin Nuptials

Bernard Turpin and the former Nadine Davis met ten years ago inside Cathedral of Faith church located on Beaver Street Rd.  The young couple would walk past each other and were unaware of their spiritual love connection. Finally, Bernard opened his bible and preceded to bump into Nadine and with scriptures in hand he asked her out for a date.  After an ten year courtship, the groom surprised the bride with a proposal at a local restaurant.  Now ten years later at the altar with close family and friends as witnesses, the couple married on Sunday, December 20th inside the Doubletree Hotel on the Southbank.  With smiles and tears, the couple recited their personal wedding vows with officiate Estelle Keese. The bride reminisced that the grooms personality and god-fearing attitude is what attracted her to him. The groom said it was the bride’s beauty and quietness that gave him the courage to begin dating his future wife. The venue was accented by the couple’s wedding colors of champagne, cream and candle apple red décor. After the wedding, a private reception was held with the bride throwing a covid-19 sanitized bouquet!  Nadine is a Referral Specialist for Aetna Insurance, while Bernard is a private security consultant. Shown is the couple Nadine and Bernard Turpin. Photo credit: VB Photography & Videography

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