Cornbread’s ‘Reading and Rapping’ Takes Literacy to the Next level

Author Vincent Taylor of the Cornbread book series held his 5th Annual “Reading, Rappin’ and Having Fun” Children’s Conference last weekend at the Schultz Center in Jacksonville.  About 250 students attended the interactive conference that focused on reading literacy and networking with fellow students.

Students were surprised when they received a Cornbread Home Learning Set that included chapter books and as well as a comprehensive student workbook.  The Cornbread mascot was also on hand to inspire attendees.

“Reading, Rappin’ & Having Fun” is an educational presentation that supports the various learning styles. It integrates hip-hop music, hand gestures and reading comprehension skills to reinforce learning. A multitude of nonlinguistic representations are covered in the research-based presentation as well. Taylor says that students are captivated the entire session as they sing songs from the Rhythmic Reading with Rap workbook/CD.

MC Mikey performed an original rap song for the students. The Cornbread Mascot engaged students with interactive games, chants and educational songs.

Parents and guardians in attendance also had the opportunity to shine when they danced to the Cornbread beats and watched as their children enjoyed the networking and fellowship.

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