Christian Comedians Sell Out and Show Off!

By Lynn Jones – The 6th annual Funnybone Experience Comedy Showcase held over the weekend was sold out!  The location was Household of Faith Ministry Auditorium on Lem Turner.  Over 500 church goers laughed out loud at the comedy of comedians Funnybone, Lady AJ, K. Webb, AJ and Ozrick.  The showcase was hosted by Mr. Charlie also know as Charlie Williams. Each comedian took to the stage and presented comedic renditions of church news, pastors, their congregations and the world of religion today. The “Laugh it Off” Comedy Jam is a yearly comedy showcase that expounds on the talents of local Christian comedians.  Many of the comedians have fulltime jobs and are honing their crafts on the side.  Promoter LaTonya Harris, wife of comedian Funnybone expressed, “This is our yearly Christian comedy showcase. We love making people laugh at themselves and we laugh with them and they laugh at their pastors and they feel good not being so serious. We plan on taking the show on the road!”

Headline comedian Funnybone also know as Albert Harris, Jr. was a child with a high science of humor and everywhere he went he loved to crack jokes. In Elementary School he was known as the “Class Clown”. Today Funnybone and his crew travel all over the world sharing their testimony and ministry of comedy. Funnybone and his wife Latonya are a part of the Household of Faith marriage ministry and after years of marriage, trials and tribulations are now living a saved and happy life. For more details on the next comedy showcase visit Pictured are comedians Lady AJ, Ozrick Cooley and AJ Webb with attendees Karen Bullard and Beverly McClain.


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