Black Republican Leaders Should also be Celebrated this Black History Month

By RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel –  As Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), I take Black engagement very seriously — and not just during the month of February. That’s part of why one of my first major announcements after being re-elected to this position was our $2 million investment to re-open our Black American Community Centers all over America. I knew we had to continue our engagement efforts to earn the vote, grow our party, and make meaningful relationships that last longer than 28 days.

This month is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Black Americans. As the head of the GOP, I think it’s important to honor the achievements of Black Republican leaders, many of whom do not get the attention they deserve in the liberal mainstream media.  Frankly, they are also often ignored by many Black-owned publications nationwide.

Your party affiliation and color of your skin should not determine whether you support the Black community. Black Republicans like Senator Tim Scott, Rep. Byron Donalds, Maryland Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford, and Bowie City Councilwoman Roxy Ndebumadu should not have their commitment to the Black community questioned just because they happen to be Republican.

This month, watch all the ways President Biden and Democrats will pander. It will be shameless. Democrats have failed to get police reform done in a bipartisan fashion — unlike Republicans, who got criminal justice reform done — so President Biden is scheduled to sign executive actions instead.

Senator Cory Booker walked away from police reform negations with Republicans and Senator Tim Scott months ago, but this White House decided to wait until Black History Month to do something that could have been done nearly two years ago.

President Biden and Democrats will also pander and lie about election integrity. They’re trying to make Black Americans feel that if they do not support and pass radical Democrat voting bills, then Black people will not be able to vote in future elections. They are lying about election integrity, ​and as RNC Chairwoman, it is important to me that it is easier for all Americans to vote in a safe and secure manner — but harder for people to cheat.  The RNC will also continue to sue cities and states trying to change laws to give non-U.S. citizens the right to vote in our elections.

  The legendary Black writer Langston Hughes talked about a dream deferred, for too many Black Americans it is.

As a working mother, I am concerned about how hard it is for other working mothers, especially Black single mothers in this economy. For many, school closures mean you can’t work, and children get further behind on several fronts.

#Bidenflation is more than a hashtag — it is real life for so many moms. When you go to the grocery store you see how much more you must spend just to provide for your family because of inflation. I get it.

The Association for the Study of African American Life and History declared the 2022 theme for Black History Month to be “Black Health and Wellness.” From a wholistic standpoint, the health and wellness of Black Americans under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has taken a negative turn.

We can’t ignore the negative impact of the Democrats’ unconstitutional vaccine mandates that discriminate against millions of Black Americans. We can’t ignore the fact that Black men are most likely to die from a drug overdose, especially fentanyl, which is flooding across Biden’s open southern border.

We can’t ignore the health and wellness of the children who are not only trapped in failing public schools but stuck behind a monitor instead of in the classroom. Why? Because this administration stands against school choice and for school closures. COVID has gotten worse under Joe Biden and is negatively impacting the health and wellness of millions.

Public safety is the foundation of health and wellness, yet crime is out of control in cities run by Democrats –and Democrats do not seem to care. Black Americans are disproportionately impacted by violence and murder while liberals support the dangerous policy of defunding law enforcement.

At the RNC we have chosen to promote positivity, not pandering, during Black History Month. We are not interested in empty platitudes or last-minute Black neighborhood campaigning weeks before the midterm elections.

While we are promoting and honoring often overlooked Black Republicans during our Black History Month efforts, our nationwide commitment to strengthening our political engagement with the Black community is year-round. Black voices are important, and this is an expanding and inclusive Republican Party.

Ronna McDaniel is the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

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