Black Owners and Trainers Shine at 2017 National Dog Show

The show is broadcasted in high definition on NBC during Thanksgiving and is the most widely viewed dog show in America. Hosted by The Kennel Club of Philadelphia for more than 125 years this two hour event showcases over 2,000 of the top American Kennel Club sanctioned dogs from across the country.

With over 150 different breeds and varieties of dogs competing in various competitions and attractions throughout the entire Greater Philadelphia expo center in Oaks, Pa.

Dog trainer Danny Newmones who is a South Jersey native participated in the National Dog Show competition with his 2 year old Akita named Maazi.

Newmones has been exhibiting dogs for more than 20 years is one of many African-American professional show dog handlers that participate in these entertainment events.

Local Principal and CEO of Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School Alphonso Evans also competed in the National Dog Show with his 3 year old Akita named TJ.

“I’ve been showing Akita’s now for about five years” said Evans as he prepared his dog TJ for his remaining competition.

Alphonso and his Akita won the Breed “Best of the Champions” event which labeled TJ as the best Akita overall both male and female.

Another winner was Pottstown, Pa. native Don Davis and his 16 month old Bullmastiff named Swagger.

Swagger won “Best of Breed” as well as “Best Male Dog” within the bullmastiff showcasing event.

“I gave him a break, let him grow up a little bit and mature,” said Davis. He said Swagger’s winnings have been consistent ever since bringing him into completions September of 2017.

“I couldn’t be any more prouder of him,” added Davis.

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