Black Nurses Launch the First Black Wellness Magazine

Michelle Greene Rhodes

By Kevin Seraaj ( –“Where Wellness is not determined by zip code”

Michelle Greene Rhodes
Michelle Greene Rhodes

Michelle Greene Rhodes, Founder of Michelle Rhodes Media LLC in Tampa, Florida, has created a place for Nurses to share their wellness expertise while helping the vulnerable communities in which they serve.  According to, recent estimates attribute 10 to 20 percent of health outcomes to medical care, 30 percent to genetics, 40 to 50 percent to behavior, and 20 percent to the social and physical environment.

That means most of the work in terms of wellness happens outside of the hospital by social determinants (non-medical factors). These social determinants include factors such as where individuals live, learn, work, and age, in addition to socioeconomic status and race.  These social determinants of health have gotten a lot of attention in recently, as research continues to show a person’s health can depend heavily on their zip code and circumstances in life.

“We are ecstatic to elevate black nurses as they bring wellness education, to help our corporate partners disseminate cultured wellness information, to elevate some and give to give hope to others within every zip code,” said Rhodes, who founded Michelle Rhodes Media LLC (The RNterprise™ Academy) to assist other nurses move into entrepreneurship. Since the start of the program in 2016, Rhodes, who is from Florida, has helped over 100 nurses become entrepreneurs, writers and public speakers.

Rhodes’ culled through her Facebook group of 4,000 nurse entrepreneurs — affectionately called the “Nursepreneur Nation” — and selected 12 from various nursing backgrounds as her executive team.

“They are the core engine of this historical publication,” Rhodes told The Weekly Challenger. “It is because of them that we can now disseminate and discuss topics of wellness that concern people of color the most. By taking wellness concepts and well-being education into our hands, we can hopefully save lives by establishing healthier habits earlier in life.”

The Color of Wellness Magazine launched on January 20, 2021.

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