Black Men and The Health Care System

Tim Brown

By Tim Brown – CareSouth Carolina – While thinking of current health care problems affecting today’s men, I could think of no better topic than what is affecting black men in our current environment.

Experimenting on black communities, segregated health care and longstanding implicit social, cultural and institutional biases are deeply rooted in the United States, and the health care system is not omitted, as it has created a deep distrust in the medical setting.

Conditions outside the health care setting impact the quality of medical encounters. Police brutality can shape health outcomes ultimately by creating mistrust or fear of other authority figures and institutions, such as doctors and medical providers in the health care system.

A patient should not expect to receive a lower standard of care because of their race. Chronic care management for diseases such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes and mental health must involve a relationship that is built around continuous trust.

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